Some snippets about myself

Welcome to my personal site. My name is Alfred Klomp, I'm a designer, photographer, programmer, engineer, artist and kind of a technology geek. I was born in the Netherlands in 1982, and still live in the little flat kingdom below the sea. This site houses a collection of things that I find interesting enough to share.

As such, this site is mostly a storeroom for some of my obscure interests, which include Soviet-Russian photo gear, programmable calculators, Dutch telephone sets, pen plotters, and other stuff that I think is pretty cool but that most people probably don't care too much about. Which is fine. My thoughts on personal websites are that the only ones worth maintaining are those that tell something about the person that created them: eclectic, detailed where it counts, and personal.

This site is also a personal showcase for things that I've made, done or programmed. My interests are firmly in the technical and graphical areas, with their combination being an ongoing fascination of mine, and the reason I studied Industrial Design. I've also been an avid photographer ever since I was young (with a couple of years of darkroom experience), and you can see a selection of my black-and-white, journalism-style pictures here. You can also find some of the graphic design and layout work that I've done over the years for various school newspapers, magazines and such.

If you somehow want to contact me, please refer to my contact page. I'm not too active on social media since I don't like its privacy implications, so I probably won't friend you on Facebook or wherever.

This page is eternally under construction. That is very much by design.